SPRAYMONSTERS are the cute little creatures bursting from DAVe TOO's imagination and from the cans of spray paint lurking in his basement. Spraymonsters first appeared on spray cans in No Love City's first CAN(vas) art show and have been popping up ever since. 


MOS TEF: Step Into the O-zone Relief Fund

When k.i.d.z.u.k.u and DAVe TOO embarked on publishing the MOS TEF: Step Into the O-zone project on Kickstarter they had no idea that the U.S. Post Office would raise the rates for international shipping nearly 100% between the time the Kickstarter project was birthed and when the items would ship out. Unfortunately, due to the huge rate increase, the project ran out of funding before everyone got their shipments. Now, in an effort to correct this massive problem, DAVe TOO is donating 100% of the proceeds from his art sales to fund the project to get everyone their shipments. Any art purchases made will go directly towards making sure everyone who backed the Kickstarter will receive their rewards.