SPRAYMONSTERS™ are the cute little creatures bursting from DAVe TOO's imagination and from the cans of spray paint lurking in his basement. SPRAYMONSTERS™ first appeared on spray cans in No Love City's first CAN(vas) art show and have been popping up ever since. 


DAVe TOO makes art and stuff. Inspired by Shepard Fairey's Andre the Giant has a Posse stickers, he created stickers to ban the font Comic Sans in 2002. More recently though, he has come to realize what a great font it is after all, and uses Comic Sans whenever possible. DAVe TOO's inspirations include all kinds of silliness including Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, 80's and early 90's WWF, and cartoons and comic books. The moniker 'DAVe TOO' is a reference to a friend and artist from whom he draws inspiration, East Bay Area's DAVe Warnke.
DAVe TOO lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA with his son Alden, and their two cats Rey and Enid.